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Comfi is a calling card reseller headquartered in Boston, MA. Although the company was founded in 1996, judging by the date when Comfi.com was registered it seems that they only started selling calling cards online in 2001. Comfi is basically an interface displaying a selection of prepaid phone cards offered by service providers such as AT&T or NTC.

What we liked: the Comfi website is fast loading, easy to use and it takes very little time to find phone cards. Although some of their cards have connection and/or maintenance fees, these are clearly pointed out and you won't risk choosing the wrong product.

Service details:

US domestic rates

1.5 cents/min with local access or 3.5 cents/min with toll free access. Some cards have even lower rates, but also charge a maintenance fee.

Sample international rates

These are per minute rates to landlines for cards with no extra fees and local access numbers (rates to mobile phones are generally higher): Afghanistan 20.3¢, Australia 1.6¢, Bulgaria 4.3¢, China 1.5¢, Colombia 4¢, Romania 2.8¢, Ukraine 8.5¢.


Lower rate cards carry a weekly maintenance and/or connection fee.

Amounts available for initial purchase

$5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.



Lower rate and extra fees VS higher rate and no fees

Some calling cards from Comfi carry a weekly maintenance fee, but charge a lower per minute rate. These are recommended for people who want to use up the card with one or two calls because they will end up talking more despite the extra fee(s).

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