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LocalPhone Ltd. is a company registered in the UK. I believe they started offering telephone services in 2007 (judging by their Copyright statement on localphone.com).

This is not really a traditional calling card provider, but until I create a new category I'm going to place their review here. To place calls you have to enter the number you are calling from and the number you are trying to reach. Based on your phone number Local Phone generates a local number you can use to place calls to the particular number only. One detail not mentioned on their website is that the so called local number they generate isn't always local. However, with the wireless plans offered today I guess most people have enough free national minutes. Or maybe not?

Regarding rates charged - it seems they are truly among the lowest for calls to both landlines and mobile phones.

Other services offered by Local Phone: computer calling over a broadband connection, international texting and international local numbers (you can have a local number in another country and have the calls to this number redirect to your actual location at low international rates).

What I liked: low rates, very easy to use website, easy signup process.

Service details:

US domestic rates

0.6 cents/min with local access.

Sample international rates

Australia 1.4¢, Australia Mobile 14.3¢, Canada 1.2¢, Japan 3¢, Malaysia 1.2¢, Romania 2.3¢, United Arab Emirates 16.7¢.


No extra fees.


Online, minimum recharge is $1.


Free 5 minute call at signup.

Other services offered

International texting (SMS), international local numbers.

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