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The Nobelcom prepaid calling cards are provided by Nobel, Ltd - a Bermuda based company founded in 1998. This is one of the oldest phone card providers with operations in North America, Latin America and Europe. Over the years Nobel has also created other calling card brands such as EnjoyPrepaid.com

Calling rates from Nobel, Ltd. are low enough and call quality has been reported to be pretty good. Generally speaking, the name Nobel is a trusted one on the international telecom market with some awards won over the years (example: best source for prepaid phone cards in 2006 by Kiplinger's). One good thing to mention: the 24/7 live phone support offered all year round.

Service details:

US domestic rates

Starting from 0.9 cents/min.

Sample international rates

Algeria 6.9¢, China 1.1¢, India 2.4¢, Poland 0.9¢, Ukraine 6.4¢.


The low rate cards will charge a weekly maintenance fee as high as 99 cents.

Amounts available for initial purchase

$5, $20, $40, $50 and $100.




Various promos such as 50% off are run periodically.


Some calling cards from Nobel advertise very low rates. However, these cards generally charge a weekly maintenance fee and are billed in 3 or 4 minute billing increments. If you want to make one or only a few long calls these cards are a good choice. However, if you want to use your minutes over a long period of time and/or for short calls it is better to buy the higher rate cards that are billed in 1 minute increments and do not charge a weekly fee.

Nobelcom customer reviews

good price for calling cards
i like this company bexause it give me a lot minutes for calling Sudan. i call my family with them and i have good quality on the line. i started using the service last summer when i moved to us and i am happy i choose it because i know people who pay a lot money to call family back home.
#12 - Corey - 02/10/2014 - 14:47
Lost over $20 when Noblecom suspended me for no use for over a year. No warning and no way to know I hadn't used their service for that time period. Poor company and poor customer service as I got no satisfaction when I talked to their Customer Service. I do not recommend them and will not use them again.
#11 - Joe Hegarty - 06/19/2013 - 11:34
they are good
tried more providers, they always offered the services that they said they would. good rates and steady connections. just what u need.
#10 - fanny - 08/22/2012 - 05:26
amazing call service
i have never used international phone cards until i have discovered nobelcom and after the first month i was sooo satisfied by the savings that i am using them ever since (3 years now). i chose the 1sec rounding cards because i call very often and make not so long calls, but still i have the best rates for canada. great service, great job nobelcom!
#9 - laura - 07/18/2012 - 04:54
great cards
great cards, great rates, i use them for years to get in touch with my relatives overseas. the customer service is just great and very reliable. they are definitely the best phone cards provider out there!
#8 - jjman - 07/10/2012 - 04:22
great phone cards, really low rates
oh my god, leigh cobb, i lold so hard when i saw your comment!!! how come you didnt notice the $2 fee for orders below $40, they put it eveeeery single time on the billing page,lol! i have 2 cards for calling my brother in germany: one for landline and the other one for his mobile, of course you cannot use one for another, there are special fees for each!!! i am very satisfied about nobelcom,ive been using them for 3 years no,not a single problem!!!
#7 - johnny - 06/29/2012 - 06:59
Site is easy to get around. They have no hidden fees
Site is easy to get around. They have no hidden fees - when I bought a card from them to call Switzerland, the site revealed all the fees and taxes that they actually charged on my call. Nobel cards were pretty good compared to others I tried... They have low rates, no fees they'll try to hide from you. Customer Support seemed pretty helpful.
#6 - Mike W. - 06/15/2012 - 13:22
Terribke, hidden charges, awful customer services!
I did a chat conversation with one of their staff, carrie, asking about costa rica calls. Using a landline in Canada to call costa rica, I was told, categorically that the call charge is 7.5 cents per minute using a pin code. I specifically asked if there was anything else, i was told NO!!! Truth is, if you call from a local access number, the landline call cost is 2 cents per min, so, the cost is 9.5 cents either way, they give you a toll free number but charge your account 7.5 then 2 cents if you use the toll free number, or, youaway 7.5 for the call from your card and 2 cents landline call, but they hide this!!!! So effectively, a $20 card I've bought, isn't worth that, as they take $2 fee off it, then $5.23 in landline calls!!! They keep all this quiet so be warned!!!! They also go by the name enjoy prepaid as well as Nobel.
#5 - Leigh cobb - 06/05/2012 - 19:12
Nobel's phone cards are excellent for calling family and friends on regular basis or for scheduling your next trip. If you're looking for more flexibility, try Enjoy Prepaid, as Mary suggested.
#4 - Satusfued Customer - 04/09/2012 - 07:15
Nobel will not connect you to "private networks" - which means many hotels, universities, or in my case - a train service. When planning an overseas trip that is what you need the most. Found this out after multiple attempts to call train service in Scotland. Was able to get through using other means; brother got through with One Suite. Do not plan to use this to call businesses.
#3 - Sandy - 02/15/2012 - 04:52
Worthless Cards
DO NOT PURCHASE A NOBEL CALLING CARD. I purchased a $20 card and the minutes disappeared from the card. I kept account of all minutes used, more than one fourth of the card minutes disappeared and was unaccounted for. Don't waste your money with these cards, not worth the headache.
#2 - Unsatisfied Customer - 05/23/2011 - 08:19
Regarding the above post - look for additional rates charged with other calling cards as opposed to Nobel. This is the reason why rates "seem" lower.
#1 - Jerry - 06/07/2009 - 15:31
Speaking of Enjoy Prepaid - rates are lower with this product from Nobel for some reason.
#0 - Mary - 04/23/2009 - 03:28
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