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Wirefly (formerly inPhonic) was founded in 1999 by David Steinberg and went public in 2004 under stock symbol INPC. In 2007 it was bought out by Simplexity, LLC - a Reston, VA firm. Wirefly is the largest online reseller of wireless services and devices via its popular online store. It has agreements to offer services from most US wireless carriers. The company has attracted several million customers by offering agressive pricing and high rebates, especially for long term 1 or 2 year agreements.

InPhonic's main retail website Wirefly.com has won several awards over the years such as "Best of the Web" from Forbes in 2004 and "Best in overall customer experience" from Keynote Systems in 2005.

Service highlights

Wirefly is not a carrier but an online cellular retailer. The main advantage offered is the possibility to compare cell phone plans from these major carriers:

  • Nextel
  • Sprint PCS
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon Wireless

Often times Wirefly provides better deals not advertised on the carriers' websites.

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