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Mexico collect call scam

Although not as oftenly used as other phone scams this fraudulent practice is difficult to avoid. The scam, as its name suggests originates in Mexico and it is aimed mostly at Spanish consumers. Basically someone calls and asks you if you accept a collect call from a close family member or friend. The operator knows all the required info (your name, your relative's name, etc). This way they rarely fail to convince you to accept the collect call. When connected you'll find yourself talking on the phone with some stranger and not your relative or friend. Obviously you'll hang up, but since you answered the call you will still be charged for it, the rates being usually very high.

It's been reported that in some cases people receiving the call are not even asked whether they do or do not accept it - they simply get connected. Or, even if they say no to the collect call they still get charged for it.

How to avoid this scam

The fix suggested by the FCC for this scam is asking the operator to let the person supposedly trying to connect to you via a collect call speak out his/her name. This way you'll recognize his/her voice and know you're not drawn into a deceptive practice.