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Lucky Wireless is a brand owned by BMA Communications - a Needham, MA based telecom provider founded in the early 90s. The company provided traditional calling products in its first years of existence and later on started to offer prepaid cellular plans under the name Venture Mobile (later to be changed to Lucky Wireless).

Lucky Wireless is a so called Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means that they do not operate their own cellular network. Instead they use the Verizon Wireless and Sprint neworks to provide prepaid services. This results in a variety of prepaid plans offered.

Compared to other prepaid providers we review, this provider's website is a bit confusing in my opinion: they offer a ton of different plans - I just counted 30 prepaid plans listed on their website. This is not always a good thing and I personally would tend to go somewhere else instead of trying to understand 30 different offerings. On the plus side, using both Verizon and Sprint's networks, coverage and call quality should be very good.



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I'm not going to be able to list all the different plans from Lucky Wireless here simply because there are too many:( Moreover, this provider's offerings are for some reason different on these two seemingly twin websites: http://www.lucky-aces.com and http://venturemobile.com. There is also http://www.luckywireless.com, a website that seems deserted judging by the offers listed and its outdated design. Honestly, I don't know which plans are the ones currently offered. I suppose this company is trying to market two different brands (Venture Mobile and Lucky Wireless).

Basically, on both VentureMobile.com and Lucky-Aces.com, Lucky Wireless offers two types of plans: using the Verizon and the Sprint PCS networks respectively. There are also a few data only plans offered on the Lucky-Aces website. Please use the links above to visit these websites for a list of all plans.


See coverage map.


Use the shopping link above to buy additional Lucky Wireless credit.

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