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Telemarketing scam

This scam is worse than just an "innocent" telemarketing call from someone trying to sell you something over the phone. The telemarketing telephone scam is in fact based on many people's frustration with telemarketing calls received usually in the evening when you are at home trying to relax.

Here's how the scam works

Someone calls you to inquire whether you want to be on a Do Not Call list (or sometimes to verify your previous registration on such list). The caller will request personal info such as your SSN, credit card numbers, etc, telling you that he needs to verify that you are indeed the person he was trying to reach. Knowing all this info the caller can do a lot of things you might not like such as emptying your accounts and so on.

How to identify this illegal practice

  • Consumers request to be listed on a Do Not Call list and not the other way around
  • In most cases there is no need to verify your registration on a Do Not Call list
  • If something does come up and someone from the Do Not Call Registry must contact you, they will never ask for personal information