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Phone Power is a Los Angeles, California based VoIP provider founded in 2005. They offer both residential and business calling solutions and boast a 100% US based Customer Service.

In a very competitive VoIP market this company tries to attract more customers by offering quite a few promotion choices. New customers can prepay for 6 or 12 months of service reducing overall costs by over 50%. One other thing we liked about Phone Power - they seem pretty honest about costs involved with their services. The truth is that no VoIP plan marketed as "unlimited" will really allow you to place unlimited calls. There is a limit to how many minutes you can use with most of these plans, but not every provider will tell you this. Phone Power does (they allow 3000 minutes and all extra calls will be charged a per minute fee).

Service highlights


Starting at $17.95/month with 500 minutes included for US and Canada or $22.95/month for unlimited calls (see promos below).


Free phone adapter included.


All plans include: Click2Call, Find Me-Follow Me, Voicemail to Email, E911, Caller ID, Music on Hold and more.

Current promo

Depending on the chosen plan Phone Power offers a substantial discount, especially when you prepay for service. For example the $22.95 unlimited plan costs only $9.95 for the first 3 months or, if you prepay for one year it's only $119.95 making the monthly cost about $10/month for the whole period.

There is also a so called 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, although this seems useless because most plans do not require a term contract anyway and they make you pay for the first month of service plus shipping back the equipment.


Phone Power doesn't offer unlimited international plans. Some sample international rates: Austria 1.7¢, China 1.7¢, England 1¢, Greece 1.5¢, India 5.9¢, Jamaica 8.8¢, Mexico City 2.2¢, Philippines 12.1¢


Shipping within the US costs $14.95. Another fee of $12.97 is displayed on the Phone Power website (not sure what this fee is for).

Phone Power customer reviews

Hm I just signed up for this plan. Hope I won't be disappointed. I'll keep you posted.
#1 - George - 04/23/2009 - 03:38
I recently signed up for the unlimited plan and paid in advance for a year. For 120 bucks I won't have to worry about paying for my calls until next year:-) Let's hope P Power doesn't go under in the meantime:-P
#0 - Alex - 04/14/2009 - 02:46
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